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When Reva (Kim Zimmer) claims that she and Alan are friends now, Jeffrey asks Reva what he has on her and if it involves Jonathan and Sarah.

Seeing Alan being questioned on TV, Dinah and Beth are surprised to see Mallet acting as her bodyguard.

Episode Recap

After the interview, Doris warns her beaming daughter about dating Coop but when she realizes he's there too, she asks Coop "what's in it for him." Coop insists he's interested in Ashlee and chased her because he wanted her. He calls himself a lucky guy for winning her over.

Told that she is a good friend of Ashlee's who wants to throw a party for her, Jack assures Ava that he is the last person that Ashlee would want to see and calls her a liar. Jack admits that he was Ashlee's counselor but urges her to "leave this alone."

Ava then seeks info from Jeffrey about Doris and Ashlee's past but he guesses she wants to hurt Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) and refuses to help her. Ashlee is troubled as Ava mentions that she ran into Jack Summers. Ava then invites Jack to the charity ball.

Ashlee tells Coop that Jack helped her during a troubling time but then disappeared because he liked "young girls." Doris insists Mallet be her guard at the Spaulding gala. Reva approaches Alan and reminds him of their agreement to keep quiet about what happened. He suggests they're going to have to learn to trust each other.

As they talk, a suspicious Jeffrey interrupts. After the three exchange words and Alan leaves, Reva claims she's acting oddly because she's reacting to the finality of her divorce.


After they have sex back at the Cross Creek cabin, Reva slips out while Jeffrey dozes and ends up with Alan at the Spaulding mansion where she reminds him that they killed someone.

Guiding Light
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