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Part I

Alexandra (Marj Dusay) is astounded when Ava reports that Alan has taken a leave of absence and placed her in charge as acting CEO. When Cyrus arrives at Marina's and claims tonight is the night, she points out that he's going to rob his wife's family. Marina admits she doesn't know if she wants to go with him and corrects herself that she doesn't know if she can leave.

Part II

As she packs, Marina offers one reason after another until he starts kissing her. The two fall into her bed and make love. Cyrus warns Marina that he will leave without her if he must. Billy confides to an encouraging Lizzie that he really needs a drink. Seeing Vanessa, she urges him to get involved with her to take his mind off drinking. Billy invites Vanessa to the Spaulding charity fundraiser.

She accepts but when Matt finds them together, he boasts that he too is dating.

Part III

Finding Dinah in a daze at Company, Mallet calls work to say he'll be in late. Frank confronts him in front of Dinah and warns that he's not doing his job right so he'll have to "write him up." Frank suggests he get some outside help for Dinah so that he can do his job. At the station house Mallet stares at the cash he kept from the drug bust and considers whether to use it. Matt ends up taking Dinah (Gina Tognoni) home but when he hints that Mallet senses the connection they have, Dinah lets him know that she loves Mallet and intends to stay married to him. He points out that Mallet is willing to risk everything for the sake of their love.

  • Later, Mallet returns with a new dress for her and invites Dinah to the charity ball. Lizzie convinces Billy not to drink during his date with Vanessa. 
  • Alexandra runs into Griggs and asks Cyrus who he is.
Guiding Light
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