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Part One

Gus isn’t convinced that Alan isn’t thinking of this evening with Natalia as a date. Harley sees that Gus is off duty – but that she’ll be working the gala. Marina talks Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) into letting her go work the gala with Harley. After eyeing the gala invitation, Marina pulls out her gun.

Part Two

Cyrus’ cufflinks are rigged with a mic and he slyly reads off account numbers and Griggs logs them. Dinah is concerned about Matt when Vanessa shows up to the gala with Billy. Natalia and Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) share a close moment, but then they spot Harley. Frank finds the evidence money that Mallet stole.

Matt pulls Vanessa out on the dance floor, but Billy stops him.

Part Three

Gus asks Nat to dance, pulling her away from Alan before she can answer. Harley surprises Cyrus on his way to the boat and tells him what he’s doing to Marina and Alexandra isn’t fair. Later, Harley sees Natalia and Gus on the floor, and Natalia realizes Gus and Alan were arguing about her.

Mallet swears he was going to put the money back, but Frank isn’t sure.

Part Four

Matt is thrown as Dinah tells him she can’t fight her feelings for him, and secretly tells a waiter to get Mallet. Dinah acts surprised when Mallet catches her, half dressed, with Matt. Marina pulls her gun on Cyrus, saying that she can’t let him rob everyone at the party.

Guiding Light
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