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After seeing Matt and Dinah making out, Mallet decks Matt.

Vanessa walks in and is stunned when Dinah declares that she turned to Matt because Mallet makes her feel like damaged goods. Dinah admits she only left Mallet for his own good.

Guiding Light Recap, Part 1

Later, Mallet tells Vanessa he thinks Dinah’s still confused and this all just Matt’s fault.

Mallet goes to Company looking for Dinah and leaves her a message, deciding to wait. Coop informs a reporter that Ashlee is his girlfriend. When Ava brings Jack as a date, Ashlee tells Coop he should warn Ava, considering the police raided his house. Jack confronts Doris and says he knows she planted the stuff in his home, and that she crushes anyone who gets close to Ashlee.

Guiding Light Recap, Part 2

Ava goes to Doris and says Jack told her all about what Doris did – now they both share a goal of keeping Coop and Ashlee apart. Ashlee confides in Coop about all the people who have eventually left her and with a kiss he assures he’s different. Marina will leave with Cyrus tonight but only if he doesn’t steal the money. Cyrus agrees, and Marina goes home to pack.

Cyrus tells Alex that she deserves to be back on top, and it seems that it’s his way of saying goodbye.

Alex gives a grand speech thanking Cyrus but when she looks for him, he’s gone. Griggs is floored when Cyrus comes in and informs him that the heist is off because the cops were on to them. Cyrus says he can’t be poor again, and transfers the stolen funds to his account. Marina shows up looking for Cyrus, but instead it’s a vengeful Griggs who greets her.


When a guest alerts Alex that her bank account has been wiped out, Alex calls Cyrus looking for him. Just as Cyrus shows up, he sees Griggs driving his boat with Marina on it, and Cyrus jumps in the water after them.

Guiding Light
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