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Part One

Alex’s heart sinks as she learns another guest’s bank account was wiped clean – and that Cyrus is nowhere to be found. Cyrus swims, trying to catch the boat but his arms fail. Harley saves him and slams handcuffs on Cyrus. Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) learns Griggs has kidnapped Marina. Alex slaps Cyrus and he insists that he never meant to hurt her.

Part Two

Cyrus is surprised when Alex offers her resources to help find Marina.

Harley (Beth Ehlers) tries to convince Frank that freeing Cyrus and letting him help search for Marina is their best chance of finding her. Later, it is revealed that Alex ordered Griggs to kidnap Marina. Rick worries that Beth misses Alan and she admits that she misses the power.

Part Three

Cassie and Josh make their marriage official and are ready to consummate their marriage in public ... when Rick and Beth walk by and she fears she’s having contractions early. Worried about the baby’s health, Rick forces himself to call Alan. Rick is relieved to learn the contradictions had stopped and the baby is fine.

  • Cassie asks Josh if he ever thinks about having a baby with her.
  • Rick lies when Beth confronts him about calling Alan.
Guiding Light
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