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Guiding Light: Episode Recap Part One, 9/26/07

Dr. Belford advises Dinah (Gina Tognoni) that she may have reached a plateau in her recovery where changes come much slower. She later tells a stranger on Main Street that she slept with Matt because she's angry with Mallet. Cassie stuns her with the news that Marina has been kidnaped by Griggs, the man who shot Dinah.

Dinah quickly realizes that Cyrus lied to her.

She runs to tell Mallet and finds him arguing with Frank who has refused to allow him to help find Marina. Mallet starts to tell Frank about his past with Griggs as his hit man but Dinah stops him.

Guiding Light: Episode Recap Part Two, 9/26/07

She confronts Cyrus and demands her share of the money but he's outraged that all she can think about is the cash. In frustration, he hands her his laptop and challenges her to find the money.

She takes it back to the hotel suite where she finds two of Griggs' former "associates" about to beat up Mallet after he tried to trick them into telling him where Griggs might be hiding. Dinah rushes at them and ends up flying off the balcony, landing in a laundry cart with Mallet. He later points out that she must still care for him because she just saved him from the two goons. When Frank reveals he knows Dinah was blackmailing Cyrus, Mallet suggests that she use her "condition" to clear herself from any wrongdoing.

  • Instead, Dinah tells Frank the truth and insists she doesn't know where Marina is. Impressed at how Lizzie handles two amorous employees, Dinah invites her to help her get the money Cyrus owes her.
  • Lizzie refuses at first but then agrees. As she packs, Mallet kisses Dinah and then walks away.

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