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Daisy brings food from Company to Harley as she works hard to get a lead on the kidnapped Marina. Noticing he's wearing a police "bracelet" after being released on bail, Cyrus apologizes to Alexandra but she blasts him for his lies. Later, she talks to Griggs about their scheme.

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He demands more money from her, warning that it's expensive to keep Marina locked up and hidden. In the hall Cyrus and Alan (Ron Raines) exchange bitter words and threats. Alan confronts his sister and accuses her of working with Griggs to punish her husband by harming his girlfriend. Alexandra denies it but he asks what she intends to have Griggs due with Marina.

Laughing, Alexandra (Marj Dusay) claims she's not a killer and will only keep her gone until Cyrus is "back in the fold." Cyrus' "French Connection" advises him and Harley that Griggs was spotted in New York.

Gus presses Harley to let him work with her on this case but she asks him to team up with Mallet instead while she'll rely on Cyrus. Gus laughs at the idea.

Alexandra tries to transfer the money to Griggs but has to stop when Gus enters. Alexandra then collapses and, at the hospital, Gus advises Alan that she has an embolism. When Reva catches Rafe and Daisy kissing, Reva separates them and then faces off with Natalia who wants her to mind her own business.


After Daisy insists she loves Rafe likes Reva loves Josh, Reva sends a text message to Rafe and arranges for him and Daisy to meet at the shack but only if they promise to stay safe and respect their parents.

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