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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4/16

Today on Guiding Light ...

Frank emerges from Doris' office and announces that while his suspension is over, Doris has named Mallet the permanent Chief of Police.

Marina urges her father to accept the offer to stay on but Frank questions his reasons for remaining a cop.

Boasting that she and Mallet are getting back together, Dinah assures Matt that she is serious about having him build a mini-golf course on the Spaulding property.

Paying off Hans, the manager of a mini-golf course to call Mallet about some trouble on the 5th hole, Dinah tricks Mallet into meeting her.

Not amused, Mallet asks her not to prank call him anymore and leaks that he's now the permanent chief and fears he has lost his best friend. Dinah offers to "fix this" but he claims there's nothing to fix.

Telling Harley that he's heading out to work, Cyrus meets Cassie at the "scene of the crime" and assures her that their sex meant nothing.

However, she leaks that she did tell Josh though she didn't name him as her lover and promises that she never will. Determined to get on with her life with Cyrus, Harley is foiled when she gets a telemarketing call for Gus and is reminded that he's gone. Frank accepts Mallet's offer.

Cyrus has lunch with Marina during which he warns her not to come between him and Harley.

After Daisy boasts that she sold three more fake IDs, Rafe assures her that he hasn't changed his mind about getting out of the apartment lease.

He mentions Gus' request that he take care of his mother which means they can't be together because that upsets Natalia. Dinah panics when Rafe runs into the Spaulding mansion.

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