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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Billy offers his condolences to Natalia and his help if she needs it.

She tells him that she has Rafe and he's all she needs now that Gus is gone.

Inviting him to "break bread," Rick offers to write him a big check if Alan agrees to give up custody of Peyton. Alan points out his tie collection is worth more than Rick makes in a year.

When Beth brings Alan a new shirt, he accuses her of "playing the middle." He then tells Beth about Rick's offer. She orders Rick to stop acting like Alan. After Dinah gives him a hard time about the mess he's making at her new house, Remy runs into Natalia and asks how she's doing.

As the new Chief of Police, Mallet offers Remy his old job back if he's interested. Marina makes fun of Mallet after beating him during their morning jog. As they talk later, Dinah keeps an eye on them.

Alan confronts her about the expired credit card she gave him at the Towers and she allows him to think her faulty memory is still at play. Later, she boasts to Remy that she can't wait to show Alan what she has done to him. Mallet finds Dinah holding the bullet. She throws it into the pond, kisses Mallet and leaves.

Thanks to a note Remy delivers supposedly from Phillip, Alan ends up at the mansion where Dinah announces it's her new home. Natalia finds Olivia has fallen out of bed and is sleeping on the floor.

Olivia mumbles that she wants to die. Natalia calls her the most selfish person she knows and wishes that she had died instead of Gus. Natalia decides to take a leave from work.

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