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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4/18/08

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At the sperm bank, Ava asks for a pregnancy test but Dr. Meredith explains that it will take awhile for the "donation" to be successful. Olivia wakes in her bed and finds Natalia there with lunch for her.

Olivia refuses to eat so Natalia calls Ava for help saving her mother's life.

Ava arrives and confides to Olivia that she intends to use artificial insemination to become pregnant with "Bill's" baby. Having a picnic in the park's gazebo, Bill thanks Lizzie for not dumping him.

Later, Bill surprises Ava at the doctor's office and insists on accompanying her for her appointment.

Ava tells him "not today" and eventually runs off. Later, Bill hands her a book of baby names and reads the book with her. Dinah advises Alan about her plans to install a mini golf course on the Spaulding acreage.

Alan doesn't believe that she owns the place and suggests that Phillip is manipulating her.

Dinah angrily states that she is Phillip and when he vows to tell the mayor and the police that she stole his property, Dinah points out that she's erased any evidence that would reveal her trickery.

Alan suggests they work out an arrangement but she calls him a loser and has Wallace the security guard escort him out. Alan then tells Vanessa what her daughter has done while Dinah seeks more help from Remy. After Dinah tells Bill that she told Alan everything, Vanessa interrupts and warns them both to be careful.

Tired of Ava gloating about carrying Bill's baby, Lizzie promises her rival that she'll give her a "war" if that's what she wants. Later, Lizzie and Bill have fun in his car.

Bill catches Ava eyeing herself wearing a pillow under her top but she claims she's just seeing what she'll look like when she's further along with her pregnancy.

When Natalia returns with various health juices, Olivia finally agrees to start eating.

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