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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.21.08

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Frank begins his first day back at work as a detective, assuring Mallet that he's fine. Lizzie takes great pleasure in joining Bill and Ava as they talk about the baby. She even suggests naming their baby Penelope.

Jeffrey is disgusted to find Ava talking with Bill and Lizzie about their baby's name. She whispers to Jeffrey just to play along but once Bill and Lizzie leave, Jeffrey warns Ava that she can't fake a pregnancy.

Ava claims she can and will do so to get Bill and have a family with him. Meanwhile, Lizzie promises Bill that she will be with him no matter what tricks Ava plays on him.

After he offers her a free lunch at Company, Natalia asks Frank if he could stop by to fix her stove. He's stunned when she admits that the house she and Rafe wanted was taken from them by Olivia.

Back at her hotel room, Natalia asks Olivia if she'll allow her and Rafe to rent the house for the time being. Olivia refuses and then collapses so she calls for an ambulance.

Jeffrey rushes to the ER where he decides to move Olivia into the cabin at Cross Creek, assuring Olivia that Reva won't mind. Calling Mallet to the mansion about a phony break-in, Mallet's not pleased.

She asks if he intends to arrest her so Mallet slaps the cuffs on and takes her in.

At the station house Mallet threatens to send Marina next time she calls 911. He and Dinah reach a deal with her agreeing to handle her own business while he takes care of any problems with Cyrus.

Later, Mallet learns that she's the reason he was named police chief. Mallet is outraged and laughs when he realizes she's jealous of his relationship with Marina.

Tired of her reasons and not sure what he's going to do, Mallet walks out on her. After sabotaging Ava's car, Remy finds her having trouble and offers to see if he can fix it for her.

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