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Guiding Light
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Vanessa catches Cyrus red-handed in her bedroom but decides not to go to the police about the threatening calls. Marina brings flowers to Harley but leaves when Cyrus arrives.

Marina demands that Cyrus have dinner with her or else she'll turn him in.

Waking up after her surgery, Olivia finds Jeffrey and Ava in her room. Her hands restrained and a tube down her throat, Jeffrey explains it'll be removed once she's stable. When she scratches the name "Gus" on a pad of paper, Jeffrey tries to tell her but Ava lies that he'll be here soon.

Outside, Ava tells Jeffrey that they must keep her mother in the dark for now.

Finding out about his marriage by reading the newspaper, Reva sarcastically asks Jeffrey about "the little woman" and blasts him for marrying Olivia.

Jeffrey explains they did it to keep Alan from taking Emma. Pointing out she's now his mistress, Reva kisses him but then points out one "teeny tiny problem" in that he's still married and Olivia's not dead.

At the hospital Olivia senses Reva's keeping something from her and forces her to tell her about Gus. She goes on to reveal that Olivia's new heart is from Gus.

Later, Olivia tells Ava that she doesn't want Gus' heart and wishes that she was dead. Ava brings in Emma to try to cheer her but Olivia won't look at her or respond when she talks. Jeffrey tries to console Natalia, telling her she did a brave thing okaying the heart donation.

He suggests she see Ava and Olivia but she refuses. Lillian and then Josh try to comfort a shaken Natalia who asks Josh how God could take Gus away from her. Josh warns Harley to give her space when she guesses that Natalia hasn't done anything for Gus' funeral.

Wearing the dress she wore when she married Gus, Harley calls to order a casket for Gus, claiming that she's Gus' wife. Until next time on Guiding Light ...

Guiding Light
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