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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.7.08

Today on Guiding Light, Sam and Ava wonder how to get Olivia out of her deep depression. Looking at a photo of Gus, Olivia says she doesn’t want his heart - she wants him.

Olivia is genuinely happy to see Sam and the two embrace.

Natalia can’t handle how ungrateful Olivia is. Natalia can’t bring herself to go. Instead, she’s compelled to sit next to Olivia with Gus’ heart inside her, all that’s left of him.

Everyone celebrates, toasting in Gus’s memory, as Cyrus deals with the funeral director who says Harley’s card was declined. Harley finds strength in Cyrus and is reminded there’s something she can do. Harley and Cyrus are working on the house. Alan shows up, and Rafe reaches out to him, offering him a beer.

Cyrus and Daisy pretend to get along for Harley’s sake, but when Harley steps away Cyrus insists Daisy let him in on the fake ID business. Harley sees Gus and tells him she’ll always love him.

Lizzie tells Bill just how much she needs him as they begin to make love. Bill and Ava meet and he doesn’t seem too thrilled at the prospect of having a baby with her. Bill tells Ava he needs to see proof that she’s pregnant.

Bill tries to tell Lizzie the truth but can’t find the courage. Daisy is thrilled to run into Sam who encourages Daisy to stop trying to make Rafe happy and do what she wants. She leans in and kisses him and is genuinely moved by how Sam lives his life with no regrets.

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