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Guiding Light
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August 13, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Over coffee, Remy assures Mel that he's not going after Bill but adds that she couldn't stop him if he did.

Dinah announces to her brother that she's having a pool party tonight and though he okays it, he insists on okaying her guest list.

After he does and exits, Dinah calls Remy to invite him over to talk. When he arrives, she talks about how much she misses him.

Bill catches them together and reminds his sister that Remy was not on the list. Dinah states that he is now.

Hearing Alan arguing about "abandoning" Peyton, Lizzie's stunned to hear that Beth's been taking law classes at night. Lizzie offers to take Sarah to the babysitter and then realizes she meant to say Peyton.

Later, Beth worries when she finds Lizzie never dropped Peyton off with Mrs. Jones. Alan advises his sister that he had a vision that Dinah would bringing their business back to life.

Lizzie finally takes Peyton to Mrs. Jones but then decides she can't leave her there. Bill finds her later with the baby and is taken aback to hear her call Peyton "Sarah" again.

Hearing Mel's teaching one of the law classes, Beth tries to apologize for her affair with Rick and then decides to drop the class but Mel promises she'll learn a lot.

Hilda announces to Dinah that Bill canceled the party because there are too many chemicals in the pool. Remy is touched to see the memorial statue for Max.

He returns to work and vows to stay there until they take him back. Alan warns Bill he intends to take his company back and boasts that he is being guided by "a force."

Upset with her brother, Dinah meets with Alan. When he mentions the idea of putting Bill in his place, she asks who will be in charge and assures him she doesn't care if he "talks" with Elvis or Johnny Cash.

Meanwhile, Bill warns Lizzie that her grandfather has lost his mind and wonders aloud if Sarah is safe.

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