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Guiding Light
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

Olivia pleads with Natalia to believe that Alan's visions mean nothing and are due to a blood clot affecting his brain.

Josh catches Reva admiring some new lingerie and claims "it will do." Seeing monogrammed "JOR" towels, Josh points out they'll sell at a garage sale.

Talking about Shayne and the possibility that he has a new girlfriend, Josh points out to Reva she won't have any memories about the kids with Jeffrey.

Reva claims they'll make their own memories and sends him on his way. Reva emails Shayne and invites him to the wedding. Just after Lizzie lays into Bill for badmouthing her grandfather, Jeffrey interrupts, looking for Alan.

He reports that Alan has skipped town and is perturbed when Lizzie decides not to testify against Alan. She admits she changed her mind because her grandfather is dying.

Jeffrey claims they need her testimony to make the case work. Lizzie approaches Reva for advice about what to do with her grandfather.

After promising a jailed Rafe that he'll get him out, Jeffrey plead with Doris to believe the shooting is accidental. Bill urges Lizzie to fight to get her daughter back by helping Jeffrey put Alan behind bars.

Running into Olivia and Natalia after Olivia's doctor's appointment, Jeffrey advises them that Doris took him off Rafe's case. Olivia and Jeffrey get word about a change in treatment for Ava.

Bill talks with Josh about everyone's new found spirituality. Josh leaks that Alan's in New York City to prove his spirituality but Bill guesses he's actually trying to steal back the company and decides to fly there.

Olivia watches as Natalia tells Rafe about Alan's medical condition which she thinks is creating the visions. However, she also tells her son that she feels Gus is looking out for them.

Josh gets a text message from Shayne, urging him to act fast to take Reva from Jeffrey.

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