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Guiding Light
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Weds., July 27

Today on Guiding Light ...

Frank brings a jailed Rafe some food from Natalia and the teen begins to suspect that his mother did not turn him in.

When she's upset that Rafe's attorney Mr. Russo wants to cut a deal, Natalia fires him. Grady and a distracted Daisy romp in bed but are interrupted by a call from Rafe who disguises his voice to fool Daisy and then orders Grady to come see him.

Later, Grady stops by the jail to have some fun at Rafe's expense.

However, Rafe manages to grab him through the bars and tricks him into revealing a clue that shows he set him up. R

afe's lawyer returns to Natalia and explains that she can't fire him because Olivia hired him. Grady confesses to Daisy that it was Rafe who was on the phone earlier and that he warned him to stay away from her.

When Billy encourages him to "take the gloves off" where Reva is concerned, Josh remarks that Shayne offered him the same advice.

Jeffrey surprises Reva with a passionate kiss.

After Reva lays into him for delaying their nuptials, Jeffrey reminds her he lost a grandchild and his daughter is having mental problems but then announces that he is ready to tie the knot in two days, thanks to encouragement.

Later, filling in for the Reverend Rutledge, Josh offers Jeffrey and Reva some pre-wedding counseling, hinting that he is the man for Reva.

The two start arguing about who is the better choice for Reva.

When Reva boasts to her ex that she knows she's doing the right thing, Josh counters that it may not be if she's always reminding herself.

Reva claims that Josh is the only one not sure about the marriage.

Later, Jeffrey asks Josh for his address so that he can send him a postcard while he and Reva are on their honeymoon.

Reva ends up crying after she takes a hot bath.

When Lillian arrives with leftovers from the support group Reva missed today, Reva sadly confides in her friend that she has found another mass.

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