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Reva, Jeffrey and Josh watch the news with the paternity scandal on display. A reporter interrogates Josh on his way into the church. The council tells Josh he’s suspended indefinitely.

Reva catches Josh trying to throw his collar away and tells him not let those stiffs take his dream away. Cassie (Nicole Forester) explains to Will why she’s sending him back to the school. Will plays to Cassie’s weakness and says that he talks to Tammy too. Josh realizes Cassie has changed her mind about Will. Cassie is going to bring Will to the school alone. Josh and Reva retreat to a near-empty Company.

Will approaches the gas attendant and tries to bribe him.

Cassie checks under the hood and Will creeps up on her telling her that she shouldn’t be taking him to that school. Jeffrey picks them up and they head to Will’s school. Cassie turns Will over to the headmaster and walks away. Josh and Reva vow to fight for his job; they wonder how Jeffrey and Cassie will react. Josh and Reva prepare to go their separate ways, as Cassie catches them in an innocent hug.

Cassie is surprised when Will shows up. They relate over being upset with Reva (Kim Zimmer), but Cassie is driven to take care of Will and make everything okay.

Guiding Light
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