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Afraid for her son, Cassie (Nicole Forester) turns on the charm and apologizes to Jeffrey for ending things with him so long ago. He puts off her talk about their past and guesses that she's trying to stop him from going along with a recent court order regarding Will. Taking her to see where her son is, he suggests that a stint in the juvenile center now may protect Will from going to jail later in his life.

Episode Recap, Part I
Doris interrupts and warns Jeffrey to either recuse yourself from the case or do his job. She also gets a dig in to Cassie about her son being in the juvenile center. Not getting anywhere with Jeffrey, Cassie sets her flirting eyes on Chad Brooks the Juvenile Center guard who used to work at the Beacon.

Later, Cassie calls Chad about arranging to take Will out of the center tomorrow.

Episode Recap, Part II
As they celebrate Jude's ball game at Company, Harley (Beth Ehlers) confesses to Josh that she's in love with Cyrus. He suggests she consider whether the affair is worth hurting Marina and Frank. Rick arrives and pulls Josh aside to warn that he holds him responsible for having Beth's baby taken from him. Josh points out that Rick agreed to keep the truth a secret once he found out but Rick accuses him of threatening him.

As they decide they can't keep their hands off each other, Marina sends Frank, Rick and Buzz to go find Cyrus. Jeffrey lectures Will about how many people he's hurt but the boy wonders aloud what it would have been like to have Jeffrey fall off the church balcony.

Guiding Light
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