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After they kiss, Mallet accuses Marina of initiating it but she claims he gave her "the look." He then confesses that he's been fighting his feelings for her because they work together and she's his best friend's daughter.

Guiding Light Episode Recap: 1

Marina convinces him she cares about him so he suggests they go to a movie. As they argue about what movie they should see, the two hold hands only to quickly pull back when Frank greets them. Meanwhile, Harley and Cyrus hop into bed together but quickly jump out when Dinah knocks. Dinah assures Harley that she won't tell anyone about what she saw. Dinah admits that she's had a feeling that Marina and Mallet (Robert Bogue) might be involved. Lizzie asks Jonathan if they could be a family. Jonathan confesses that he'll never love another woman like he did Tammy but adds that there is a chance they could be together.

Guiding Light Episode Recap: 2

When she offers to go to the bank and remove plenty of cash from her trust fund, he convinces her to leave town with him and Sarah. Ava calls Bill about getting together for sex but as they lie in bed, Bill can't get Lizzie out of his mind. Lizzie arrives to say goodbye but as she and Bill share their feelings for each other, a half-naked Ava emerges from the bathroom. Lizzie boasts that the baby in the carriage is Sarah. Ava hints she'll tell Alan for fear she'll lose her job but Lizzie and Bill press her to keep this secret. Lizzie blasts Bill for hurting her again. Jonathan asks Billy if Reva's telling the truth about her cancer.

Billy urges him to stop running for everyone's sake. Mallet and Dinah are uncomfortable when she admits she wanted to share some good news from her doctor. After Buzz urges Mallet to stay in Springfield and clean up the mess he made, Marina also asks him to stay.

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