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Reminding her the wedding anniversary is coming up, Josh offers to hold a service for Jonathan and Sarah but Reva turns him down. He assures her that Cassie has come around in her way of thinking where Will is concerned but adds that they can handle the boy.

Guiding Light Episode Guide: Part One

Reva questions him about Will's actions but then backs off. Alan finds a blood-stained copy of the newspaper article about Tammy's death in his briefcase. He shows it to Reva and, mentioning harassing phone calls from the Bauer cabin as well, guesses that Cassie is doing this. Reva denies it but insists on dealing with this.

Guiding Light Episode Guide: Part Two

Josh starts to question Cassie about her dream. Reva interrupts and shows them the threatening newspaper. Cassie denies stalking Alan again and Reva privately fears it's Jonathan. Outside, Will faces off with Alan and asks why he killed his sister. Denying his guilt, Alan gives the boy five bucks to stay away from him.


After she runs out, Ava tries to take him to bed only to be foiled when the babysitter drops off Emma. Billy thanks his attorney Perry for getting him changed to an outpatient at the rehab clinic. Lizzie offers him a ride and leaks that he's going to be a grandfather.

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