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Marina is curious when she finds Cyrus has arranged to get her back on the force. She wonders if he doesn't like working with her and asks why Harley was helping him. In tears, Ashlee finds Cooper and apologizes ...

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Coop suggests she stay out of it because he doesn't want to put her at odds with her mother. Bill tells Doris that he's ready with the bulldozers and men to start the project. Doris says she wants Company torn down.

Lizzie confronts Ava about her sex with Bill and threatens to tell Coop but she responds that Lizzie's got a thing for Bill. Hearing him boast of how uncomplicated his relationship is with Ava, Lizzie pleads with Bill not to tear down Company and makes him an offer he can't refuse.

Bill breaks up with an upset Ava.

Buzz angrily confronts Harley about her affair with Cyrus. Harley denies anything is going on between them so Buzz leaks that he saw them while hiding in her bedroom. When he orders her to do the right thing, Harley asks how he was able to walk away from being mayor.

Buzz is arrested.

Frank asks his dad who helped him with the fraud but he won't talk. Ashlee asks her mother to forget about her anger towards the Cooper family since she's mayor but Doris vows to ruin them. Ava takes pleasure in rubbing in Ashlee's face all the trouble she's caused for Coop and his family.


In front of Coop, Frank and a jailed Buzz, Ashlee announces that she fixed the election. Deciding that she can't rely on him anymore, Harley tells Cyrus that they can't hurt Marina. Marina finds them embracing...

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