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Harley (Beth Ehlers) hyperventilates and desperately reaches for her phone. Harley is about ready to collapse when she gets through to someone on the phone. Harley called Marina for help, not Cyrus and she helps Harley calm down and admits she’s been having panic attacks and only Cyrus knew.

Recap, Part One

Dinah wonders if Marina knows Cyrus has feelings for Harley. Dinah makes a case for Cyrus to be with Harley, but he denies there is anything between them. Harley and Marina confront each other about Cyrus. Harley promises Marina she’d never hurt her by going after someone she’s with. Buzz tells the crowd what happened with the election. Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) and Bill look as they are well on the way to making love.

Recap, Part Two

A sexy Lizzie lures barely dressed Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) out on the patio, then locks him out as punishment for never caring about her. Lizzie refuses to let Bill in, forcing him to jump over the balcony. She finds a picture of her and Billy in his wallet and is stunned. Lizzie overhears Dinah talking to fellow patients about how perfect she and Mallet are for each other. Thinking of Bill, Lizzie reverses course.

Unaware that Ashlee’s admitted it, Doris says she’ll prosecute whoever is responsible for rigging the election to the full extent of the law. Coop (John Driscoll) protests as Doris agrees Ashlee should be prosecuted and is arrested. Doris tells Coop that not as many people are on Buzz’s side anymore.


Coop pours the whiskey on the plans and sets them all on fire. He throws it into the trailer, unaware that Bill is in there. Bill turns just when there is a bright flash. Lizzie is knocked off her feet...

Guiding Light
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