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Guiding Light
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

While Olivia's concerned to hear daughter is not with Billy, Remy finds Ava has fallen asleep at his place after a game of cards.

Bill's taken aback to find Lizzie on the tire swing at the new log cabin he bought. As she gushes about how perfect the place will be for them, he stuns her with the news that he bought the house for Max and Ava.

Embarrassed, Lizzie tries to run off but Bill stops her and confesses that he still loves her. Lizzie claims she's not going to do this and when he states that he can't abandon the baby, she points out it's not even his.

Lizzie and Bill kiss until Olivia calls, worried about Ava. Claiming the movie is "too much," Josh suddenly kisses Reva.

Afterwards, Reva holds back her tears and asks him not to do that again. Later, Jeffrey invites Reva to go away with him but she responds that Josh kissed her and adds that she kissed him back.

Jeffrey is obviously upset and doesn't appreciate it when she tries to crack a joke to lighten up the moment. When she's unable to say it, Jeffrey states that she needs time to herself to figure this out.

Mel explains to Cassie why she isn't dating and then offers Lizzie advice about her situation. Searching for Ava, Bill is upset to find his wife with Remy and when he lays into him, Remy laughs at him for playing the upset husband.

Later, Ava and Bill argue about their agreement and she blasts him for being with Lizzie when he doesn't want her with Remy.

Lizzie asks Josh to be a friend to Bill. Josh opts not to tell Cassie about the kiss but instead, suggests that they try to have a baby.

Packing her things, Reva assures Jeffrey that she'll be back after her trip.

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