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Guiding Light
June 13, 2008 (Recap)

Today on Guiding Light:

Surprised by Bill's impromptu marriage announcement, Ava privately asks him if he really wants to get married. He assures her he does.

A teary-eyed Lizzie tells a reporter that she wishes Bill and his new family nothing but happiness but then runs out of her old home. Ava invites Bill to bed but he suggests she needs rest.

Remy announces to Dinah that he can't stand seeing Ava and Bill together so he's going to move out. Ashlee agrees to meet Grady later to go swimming with him. She's nervous as he stands behind her to show her how to swim. After their dip, Grady gets a text message from Daisy and leaves.

Alan relates to Buzz the story of how he's collecting pearls one at a time to make Beth a necklace. Buzz warns him not to wait until he's got all the pearls so Alan buys the rest of the jewels that he needs.

Lizzie is shocked to see and recognize Grady. When she threatens him, he vows to tell the police about Alan's involement with Tammy's hit-and-run.

Hiding him from Alan, she decides to buy his silence and agrees to pay twice as much as she originally offered but claims she'll need a day to put the money together.

As he leaves, Grady states that whomever made her cry was an idiot. Lizzie feels sick to her stomach and complains to Buzz about how terrible life can be. She later announces to Alan that she's getting him and Beth rooms at the Beacon so the family can be together.

After Ava pleads with him to stay because she needs a friend, Remy changes his mind and asks Dinah if she thinks the wedding announcement might have just been a publicity stunt.

Olivia reminds Ava that her unborn baby is not really Bill's but Ava admits that she made sure the baby would have the same blood type. Daisy's upset to realize that Grady went swimming with Ashley.

Lizzie ends up at the hospital still feeling nauseous and spots Bill on one knee with ring in hand, proposing marriage to Ava.

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