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Guiding Light
June 16 Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

Cassie is shocked when she finds Reva with a stack of baby clothes and is relieved to hear they're for Ava and not for her and Jeffrey.

After Bill shows off photos from the ultrasound to Lizzie, she warns him that he is going to lose the mansion.

Hearing him leave a voicemail for Harley, Cyrus leaks that Harley left town with Rafe to protect him.

Daisy complains to Cyrus about "some people" get away with doing whatever they want. After warning her about how much trouble Grady is, Cyrus orders his brother to stay away from Daisy.

Grady agrees to leave but not until he gets what he came for.

Lizzie makes the payment to Grady to get him to leave town.

Daisy complains to Grady about "hitting on" Ashlee but he calls her a baby as he boasts that he flirted with Ashlee because she's the mayor's daughter and might be of some help to him.

He later announces to his brother that he's ended things with Daisy and is leaving town. Cyrus offers to drive him to a "bigger place," offering to help him make a new start.

Mallet accuses Daisy of hiding Rafe but she denies it though she does confirm she's hiding someone else.

Billy lays into Bill for sending out a press release about Ava's pregnancy before telling his family. Bill reminds him that he wasn't at the party and refuses Miss Martha's ring when Billy offers it.

Lizzie asks Billy if he would be in charge of building a new mansion for her. Pointing out it's near where Bill is now living, he refuses.

As Daisy secretly watches, Mallet catches Grady chatting with Cyrus. Grady lies that Cyrus was trying to turn him in to the police but Mallet arrests them both.

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