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Guiding Light
Friday, June 27
Episode Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

Grady frightens Cassie when he shows up at the farmhouse. He insists it was an accident but she demands that he get out. Grady claims that he still sees Tammy when he closes his eyes to try to sleep and wants to make it up to her somehow.

Cassie invites him to switch places with her dead daughter. Cassie starts breaking things in the house and tells the thug that she intends to tell the police he broke into her home and threatened her.

Cyrus arrives and when he sees the mess, assumes that Grady did this and pushes him out the door. When Josh arrives, Cassie claims nothing happened. She then announces she has a confession to make.

Though he guesses she slept with Jeffrey, Cassie reveals that she actually had sex with Cyrus. He's outraged that she slept with the brother of the man who killed her daughter.

As Josh leaves, Cassie asks if he's coming back to her. Reva advises Daisy that she's been fired from the film production and that Harley's house has been rented out for the summer.

Therefore, they are sending her to Europe to be with her mother. Learning that she's being shipped away, Grady offers to run off with her but Cyrus stops him. He calls Reva out and she orders Grady to get out and stay away from Daisy and Cassie.

Daisy tells Cyrus that she will escape if they ship her to Greece. Later, Grady and Daisy are reunited and he decides to turn himself in to Frank. Daisy announces to Frank that Grady is willing to testify that Alan hired him.

While Josh viciously grabs Cyrus and announces that he knows about him and Cassie, Reva visits with Cassie at the farm and learns that Josh left her.

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