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Guiding Light
June 9, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

After donating blood, Cassie talks with Jeffrey about Tammy and shows a photo album she has with her. Caught kissing her boyfriend, Daisy is astounded when Cyrus and Grady confirm that they are brothers.

Cyrus asks how they met and then escorts Daisy back home. When Reva returns to the hospital and leaks that Rafe may be in town, Jeffrey asks her to tell Daisy to have Rafe turn himself in.

Cassie runs into Cyrus in the park and spots Grady as the driver who killed her daughter. Grady runs into hiding while Cyrus lies that Grady's actually Jack Douglas. Cassie fears that she's losing control.

Once Cassie leaves, Cyrus blasts his brother for killing for money, for getting involved with someone as young as Daisy and orders him to get out of Springfield. Grady reminds Cyrus who raised him to be this way.

After Olivia's doctor refuses to talk about the possibility of her body rejecting her heart, she runs into Doris who asks if she is paying for Natalia's trip. Doris then visits with Jeffrey who asks about getting his hands on the ballistics report on his shooting.

She points out that she replaced him temporarily and that her cousin Barry is now the acting police chief. Jeffrey won't hear it but she points out that he couldn't prosecute the shooting case anyway. Leaving, she promises to see him in a couple of months.

Outraged, Jeffrey seeks Mallet's help bringing Rafe back safely. He then gets dressed and leaves the hospital, heading to the station house where he runs into a helpful Mallet.

Reva catches Daisy slipping into Rafe s room. She denies knowing where Rafe is. Daisy watches Cassie as she stops by Tammy's grave for more prayers and starts crying.

Cassie then confronts her sister about living in the past, pointing out that she lives in the cabin from Cross Creek and that she's overseeing the movie about her life with Josh. Calming down a bit, Cassie apologizes and admits that she thought she saw Tammy's killer earlier.

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