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Guiding Light
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Today on Guiding Light, Cassie admits to Cyrus that Will has been sent to the youth center. After making love with Natalia, Gus calls Olivia but gets no answer. Meanwhile, Olivia awakens to find herself sandwiched between the two barflies she met downstairs. Phoebe threatens to send Cyrus to jail unless he coughs up the dough. Later, Daisy is irked to walk in on an intimate moment between Harley and Cyrus. Olivia tells her overnight guests she's married to a cop and they finally take off. Olivia defends her night of clubbing to Gus.

Harley tries to convince her disgusted daughter that she's taking things slow with Cyrus. Olivia pulls Gus into a passionate kiss. Daisy complains to Rafe about her mother stealing Marina's boyfriend. Harley informs a startled Cyrus she's taken out a 2nd mortgage to pay Phoebe's blackmail. Natalia confronts Olivia, who insists that Gus is the reason she's still alive. Reva reminds Cassie how she, too, lost a son. Cyrus moves in with Harley. Afterwards, Daisy suggests to Rafe that they get their own place and live together.

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Guiding Light
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