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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
March 17, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Mallet admits to Dinah that he hasn't told Frank about the job offer. Frank confides to Marina about the job offer as Chief of Police in Shrewsbury and though she's happy, she's also upset that he'll be leaving town, adding him to a lost of the men who have left her. Mallet tries to tell Frank but backs off as Frank sheepishly confides that he asked a woman out at a crime scene.

Doris suspends Frank after hearing about the flirting incident. Frank guesses that Alan is behind this and vows to prove it. Doris then offers Mallet the job as Chief of Police and he accepts, telling Frank (Frank Dicopolous) and marina he's keep the seat warm for Frank. Supposedly on the phone with Phillip, Alan (Ron Raines) reveals that he's being investigated by the IRS and assumes that Rick is behind it.

Dinah interrupts to ask about the job she applied for at Spaulding awhile ago but Alan kicks her out. Alan then shows Alexandra the text message and claims Phillip will be back. Lizzie is startled to get a text message from her father. In bed with Bill, Ava offers to get a condom but punctures it with a pin. After sex, Bill leaves for a meeting but Ava hangs around, strategically positioning herself in the bed in hopes of becoming pregnant.

Later, she takes care of Emma and tells herself she's going to make a family. Bill's surprised to find his meeting is actually with Lizzie who tells him she wants to make a go of their relationship. When a confident Lizzie boasts to her grandfather about seeing Bill, Alan has her locked in the mansion again and then faces off with Bill, issuing her a warning. Alan then sends a text message to Phillip and also transfers some funds to him.

Bill guesses that Dinah is behind the text messages from Phillip.

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