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Guiding Light
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May 27, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Harley snaps photos of Daisy in her cap and gown and warns her daughter that Cyrus will be attending the ceremony.

Cyrus brings flowers for Daisy and she thanks him for what he did to enable her to attend graduation. Harley warns him that there is something up with the investigation into Gus.

Coop, Frank and Marina join them but Harley heads upstairs to take a call. Rafe points Gus' gun at Jeffrey and blasts him for trying to ruin his father's reputation.

Jeffrey tries to explain but Rafe stops him. When Mallet enters, Rafe is startled and pulls the trigger, shooting Jeffrey in the chest. While Mallet calls for help, Rafe runs away.

Jeffrey insists it was an accident but then collapses and is unconscious. Harley gets a call and tells everyone about Jeffrey and that it was Rafe who shot him.

While Cyrus comforts Harley, Mallet is at the hospital trying to reach Ava and Reva. After Natalia arrives, Mallet updates her that Jeffrey is not doing well and warns that Rafe shot Jeffrey.

Harley discovers Gus' gun is missing. Daisy finds a frightened Rafe who claims he didn't mean to shoot him. Harley and Cyrus find Rafe and Harley agrees to protect him though he asks her to take him to his mother.

Rafe embraces his mother and claims that Jeffrey was going to lie about Gus. Natalia wants to turn to Alan for help. Leaving for a second, Natalia worries to find her son is gone.

Arguing with Cyrus that she is to blame, Harley decides the best thing for Rafe is to leave town.

She meets privately with Buzz and seeks his assistance. She assigns Cyrus to keep an eye on Daisy and then gets a chance to say goodbye to her sons. Later, Rafe says goodbye to Buzz.

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