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Dinah see Grady's "gift" to her: a bound and gagged Lizzie. Dinah calls him crazy but he reminds her Lizzie is missing the presentation.

As he waits nervously for a tardy Lizzie, Bill confides to his father that he intends to confess his love to Lizzie before the presentation.

Decker insists that Bill start and though he is nervous without Lizzie, he makes a successful presentation.

Afterwards, Bill guesses that Lizzie did this on purpose to embarrass him.

Dinah arrives to tell him about Lizzie but when she hears him admit she may have been right about Lizzie, Dinah claims she heard Alan talking with Lizzie earlier. Later, Dinah thanks Grady for his scheme.

Lizzie screams Bill's name and Bill suddenly feels a chill. Frank watches as Natalia marks off another day on her "Rafe" calendar.

He lectures her about spending all of her time waiting and she agrees to take some personal time for herself.

Decker calls an exhausted Olivia about flying to Asia for Galaxy Hotels today. Agreeing, Olivia finds she is too tired to pack and calls Natalia for help.

Asking Frank to take her shift at Company, Natalia hurries to Olivia's room where she's able to hide Olivia's exhaustion from Decker.

The two convince Decker to do everything via video conference to show off his company's "family values."

Impressed, Decker agrees and heads to the airport.

Natalia then hides Olivia as she slips her out to the hospital. There, Rick asks Natalia to stay.

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