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Bill admits to Beth he's upset her daughter failed to show. She suggests Lizzie did this so he would be in the spotlight.

He later boasts to Dinah that Decker still wants to work with him in spite of Lizzie's failure. He also leaks that he was going to confess to Lizzie that he loved her.

Dinah packs some of Lizzie' things to make it appear that she left town.

As they watch Cyrus helping Cassie break into her own car, Marina tells Mallet she's going to call Harley to ask for more time to come up with the money to buy her house.

Knowing Cassie brought the donated stereo that's been given to the hospital, the two decide to question them.

Asking him about his full-time job, Marina makes Cyrus suspicious when she mentions the troubles Cassie's neighbors have been facing. Cassie denies to Mallet that she's heard anything about the break-ins in the area.

Mallet learns that Cyrus has been doing odd jobs around her place lately. He pushes her for the truth about Cyrus and mentions the stolen stereo she donated.

Cyrus interrupts and stops the interrogation.

Mallet then accuses Cyrus of stealing the equipment but he's outraged by the charge and offers to take a polygraph test.

Later, he teaches Cassie how to beat a lie detector test, breathing heavily as he does so. When Grady runs into Cyrus, his brother offers him a job but he isn't interested.

Bill finds Lizzie's room a mess, her clothes gone and then discovers a ransom note. Marina confides to Frank about her desire to buy Harley's house.

Admitting he's been saving money to pay for her wedding, Frank offers her a check so she can buy the house.

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