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Cassie assures Cyrus she is ready to beat a lie detector test. R.J. catches her lying and says she twitches her nose when she lies.

Matt chastises Dinah for not spending any time with his daughter. Dinah hands Grady a cellphone to use for the ransom drop off.

Lizzie uses the key Grady dropped to cut through the ropes that bind her hands. Just as she frees her hands, Grady returns and ties her up again.

As he does so, Lizzie uses the key to scratch his chest.

Billy, Beth, Alan and the others argue about what to do regarding Lizzie and the ransom demand.

When Alan suggests that this might be a scheme thought up by Bill, Dinah steps up and claims that Bill was going to give up the business so that he could spend his life with Lizzie.

Bill later thanks Dinah who again convinces him not to go to the police. He asks her to enlist Mallet's help. Dinah offers Mallet a part time security position at WSPR to get him away from Marina.

Back inside the mansion, Bill locks Alan inside his room. He and Dinah meet with Mallet who insists on accompanying Bill to make the drop.

Dinah then warns Grady that Bill won't be alone. Grady sends a text to Bill with the instructions. Bill leaves with the money but Dinah distracts Mallet by confessing she may still love him.

Wearing a ski mask and a heavy parka, Grady confronts Bill.

Cassie passes her test but Marina uses the machine to question Cyrus about the woman in his life. He finally gives up because she won't believe anything he says.

Marina tries to warn Cassie about Cyrus but Cassie isn't interested. Out of his wheelchair, Alan seeks Billy's help in rescuing Lizzie.

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