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As Dinah distracts Mallet, he pulls back and reminds her she left him. Bill shows Grady $5 million but demands to see Lizzie before handing it over.

As Mallet sneaks up on them, Dinah eyes him approaching and calls his cellphone. Hearing the ringing phone, Grady runs off and later accuses Dinah of setting him up.

Dinah again insists that Mallet and Bill not call the police. Finding Daisy already at the house, Marina announces the rules for her if she's going to live with her and Mallet.

Marina sheepishly admits that she and Mallet will have separate bedrooms.

Later, Daisy complains to Buzz about the pain she feels after ending things with Grady.

He encourages her to move to Europe to be with her mother but when she insists on staying, he tells her to "get a life" and points out it makes no sense to mourn for someone who doesn't want to be redeemed.

Grady calls Daisy and claims the key she returned reminds him of her.

When he claims he didn't mean to hurt her, she points out that he's unsavable and hangs up on him.

Grady unties Lizzie's hands and as he doe so, she senses he's crying and assures him that she's made plenty of mistakes in her life.

She's relieved he has no intention of hurting her. Mallet confesses to Marina about the ransom attempt. After blasting him for not telling her, she calls the FBI but he grabs her phone to stop her.

Later, he realizes it was Dinah who called him during the ransom drop. Dinah panics when she finds Lizzie gone from the locked room in the basement.

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