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Dinah and Grady argue about the kidnaping plot outside the van where Lizzie remains tied up. Bill brings the cash to "Joel's" house.

As Bill pulls a gun on him, Mallet pulls him off Joel and explains that this guy confesses to everything.

After Bill suddenly punches him, Joel demands that Bill be arrested.

At the station house Alan lectures Bill about failing to find his granddaughter, calling him a "disaster" from the very beginning.

Asked by Mallet to act as Bill's attorney, Mel assures Bill that all charges were dropped. She says she's worried about Remy who keeps disappearing.

Alan asks Mel how Bill could be set free but she points out that it's the same system that has freed Alan so many times in the past.

Dinah promises Grady that she'll get him his money.

She slips into the Spaulding mansion and tries to break into the safe only to be interrupted by Mallet.

He describes Bill's troubles with Joel and then takes a moment to compliment Dinah, assuring her that he thinks she's amazing.

Meanwhile, Grady brings Lizzie lunch and ends up arguing with her until he angrily ties her up and blindfolds her again.

As Bill secretly follows him, Remy takes a call from Christina and turns down a date with her. He then knocks on a door and demands that someone let him in to "catch up."

Slipping into the garage where Grady's placed his "prize," Dinah listens to Lizzie call out and then secretly drops a cellphone nearby with the speaker phone on.

Lizzie is thrilled to hear Bill's voice as he answers the call Dinah dialed. Dinah orders Grady into the van with her. They find the screwdriver Lizzie used and worry about what damage she might have caused.

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Guiding Light
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