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Lizzie is relieved to be in Bill's arms as he reveals he found her when he followed a leak from the va. He calls the police and Frank gives word to a worried Dinah.

She's relieved to hear that he didn't see the face of the man he punched and then, after daydreaming that Grady tells the police she's responsible for the kidnaping, slips out after Frank suggests she remain at the Spaulding mansion.

Outside, a pained Grady takes a call from Daisy who admits she wishes she could talk with him. She tries to get him to tell her what's wrong but he hangs up on her.

Grabbing a rock, Grady returns to the building. Bill spots him and starts punching only to be knocked out. Lizzie finds him as he comes to.

Bill worries the kidnapper is still around and grabs her as he runs off. They find the van and Bill announces that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Frank discovers there is no one at the place where Bill's cellphone was traced. Daisy stops Dinah and asks her where she can find Grady.

Dinah puts her off but Daisy claims Ashlee clued her in that Dinah and Grady are lovers. Dinah insists she and Grady aren't that close.

Daisy worries that Grady's in trouble. Reva boasts to Josh that she and Jeffery and are going an ultrasound test today to make sure her pregnancy is going well.

He's surprised Jeffrey is taking the time away from work.

Later, Josh confides to Billy that once again, he's without a woman in his life and doesn't have a job.

Billy asks about the church and Josh explains that it's not for him, especially since he can't help himself much less other people.

His brother suggests that he's alone for a reason. At the ultrasound room, Jeffrey tells Julie that he wants to know whether they're having a boy or a girl.

Though Reva claims she doesn't, she later forces him to reveal that she;'ds carrying a boy. Daisy runs into Grady and asks for his "special" help.

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