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Marina sees boxes she assumes belong to Mel and her family. Mallet invites Daisy to move in with him after buying Harley's house.

Marina is furious because of the Boudreaux boxes. When she begins to wonder why his things are on bookshelves, Mallet says "welcome home, detective."

When Daisy arrives, Marina announces that she's thrilled by the gift.

Daisy calls Harley with the news. As she guesses that he doesn't have many friends in Springfield, Grady claims that he is turned on by older women.

He feigns surprise when she reveals that she is Bill's mother and invites her to go for a walk with him.

Later, when he boasts to Dinah of his wooing of Bill's mother, she slaps him with a pillow and informs him that Vanessa is also her mother.

She orders him to stay focused on Lizzie.

Alan interrupts Lizzie and Bill as they plan for tomorrow's big meeting. He claims that everyone will know tomorrow who the true leader of the company is plus they'll meet her "goofy" sidekick.

Carrying his suitcase, Billy interrupts Alan and boasts that they can be one big happy family now that he's moving in too. The two practice their presentation and are pleased with how well it went.

They kiss but Bill downplays it and claims they got caught up in the moment. Alan's not pleased to see them so close.

Bill's upset as Grady shows him a newspaper article praising Lizzie.

Later, when Vanessa arrives at the mansion, Billy welcomes boasts that Bill put then across the hall from each other. She boasts that he's the second guy to "hit on her" today and kisses him.

Dinah seeks Ashlee's help exposing the truth about Bill and Lizzie.

Ashlee warns that the power company is threatening to shut off their power if the bill isn't paid.

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