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Vanessa tells Billy that she moved in for Bill's sake. Alan pops back into his wheelchair when he hears Vanessa and Billy coming.

Caught hiding in the bushes, Daisy tells Grady she's concerned about him because he's been with Alan again.

Grady claims it's just another job.

When Lizzie emerges from the mansion, Daisy realizes she's his "job."

When Dinah asks her mother why the power is about to be shut off at WSPR, Vanessa reminds her how she told her to handle the problem and adds that not everything is a conspiracy against her.

Dinah then asks Alan why he's not doing anything to split up Bill and Lizzie. She then blasts Grady for failing to take care of Lizzie.

Eyeing the key Grady gave her, Daisy complains to Buzz about her lingering feelings for the guy.

Alan urges Lizzie to believe she can run things without Bill and offers to have Decker remove him but Lizzie insists she needs him.

Catching his father with a drink, complaining that Vanessa turned down the idea of renewing their relationship, Bill grabs his glass and drinks it instead, vowing to be with Lizzie as his parents once were together.

He's embarrassed and relieved to realize it was tea.

Dinah tries to enter the office to sit in on the presentation but can't get past the security guard.

Bill worries when Lizzie fails to show for the big moment. Meanwhile, Grady takes Dinah to the basement of WSPR and shows her a bound and gagged Lizzie.

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