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Claudia retakes the witness stand and claims that she saw her brother kill Logan in self-defense.

Sonny persists in his quest to convince Kate to marry him.

At Shady Brook, Lulu sadly confides to Laura how Johnny seems determined to forfeit his own life in order to protect her.

Claudia testifies that she had a sexual relationship with Logan for months to collect inside information on Anthony.

After packing her bags, a dejected Maxie tells Spinelli he'll be better off without her.

Trying to frighten an eavesdropping Elizabeth, Jason describes in gory detail for Karpov how he beat the Russian's goons to a pulp.

Kate reminds Sonny how she risked it all for the love of him only to have her trust cruelly shattered.

Following Karpov's departure, Elizabeth informs Jason he can't scare her off because she can separate who he really is from how he makes his living.

Embroidering even further on her lie, Claudia sheds tears as she tells the jury how Logan attacked her.

Spinelli explains to Maxie that nothing could change the high esteem in which he holds her.

Karpov orders Jerry to get moving on his assignment. Claudia ends her tale with Johnny's heroic rescue which prevented Logan from raping and killing her.

Jerry knocks Matt out, then triggers the incendiary device he planted in the free clinic.

Johnny thanks his sister for going so far out on a limb to save him. Nadine frantically tries to pull Matt to safety as the flames surround them.

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