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Cyrus realizes that his brother is "connected" with Dinah.

Dinah is outraged to learn Bill has control of her bank accounts.

After advising Hilda how she wants to impress her grandfather by holding this breakfast meeting, Lizzie meets Lawrence Decker and learns Bill canceled the food delivery.

Realizing her appointment is "in the house," Bill turns his guitar amp up to 10 and starts rocking out until she tells him she's with Lawrence.

Wanting him as a client, Bill quickly stops his version of "Stairway to Heaven" and joins the meeting, adding just the right words of assurance as well as his guitar as a gift for Lawrence's son.

Alexandra confides to Bill that Lizzie took the meeting even as Alan is in an induced coma at the hospital.

Downplaying its importance, Reva tells Jeffrey that they can leave for their honeymoon after today's doctor's appointment.

Daisy interrupts and, after Jeffrey steps out, Reva leaks that she's pregnant. Daisy admits that she's been looking for a job and assures her that she is done with Grady.

Reva is doubtful but Daisy insists it's over but won't explain what caused the break up.

Jeffrey returns with a hot sports car for his wife and, hearing about Daisy's job search, offers her a job as his office assistant.

At the hospital Dr. Prescott introduces herself to Jeffrey and Reva as the head of the high-risk obstetrical department.

The somberness of the doctor's explanations about her pregnancy ruin Reva and Jeffrey's mood as they're told about all the changes that must be made if Reva is going to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Reva's upset when the doctor states that she can't fly either.

Later, in their sports car, Reva thanks Jeffrey for his support and the two decide to christen their new car by having sex.

Later, Reva suggests they honeymoon by going on a road trip. A masked Grady confronts Bill.

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