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Alan announces that he is back to normal. Beth lets him know that while he was "out," Peyton took her first steps. She also claims that her law professors think she's a "natural."

After Rick warns them about showing him any photos of Gus, Beth and Alexandra bring him family pictures which he is quick to identify.

Cyrus overhears Cassie on the phone with Josh, talking about R.J.'s first day of school.

She downplays the call and then invites Cyrus to go on a non-date with her simply because she's feeling lonely. At the Towers Lizzie tells Grady to do exactly as she instructs in her plan to fool her boyfriend.

She calls a tabloid about her "date."

At the mansion, Bill calls Alexandra to ask her to send Lizzie to the house but she claims that Lizzie is out on a hot date.

Donning one of Lizzie's outfits, Susie joins Bill for the "romantic" dinner and hints that he'd have more fun if he'd stop thinking about his business partner.

When she starts to massage his neck and shoulders, Dinah interrupts and chuckles about him moving on. She then leaks that she read an online gossip item about Lizzie and her date.

Bill quickly tells Susie they're going out.

When Cassie and Cyrus arrive at the Towers, they find Grady smashing a photographer's camera after he snapped a photo of him with Lizzie.

Offering to pay for the camera, Lizzie drags Grady out and then goes to see Alan, telling him about her business relationship with Bill.

He wonders if she's in love with Bill. Though Grady boasts to Bill about his friendship with Lizzie, a smug Bill suggests he's her "pet."

Upset, Grady returns to Dinah and kisses her.

Watching Peyton for Beth, Marina asks Mallet to take over while she rushes out. While she's gone, Mallet fixes a toy or two for the toddler and also replaces the batteries in the smoke detector and helps to baby proof the place.

Marina is touched when she returns and finds Mallet asleep next to the baby monitor. He proudly shows her all he has done while she was gone.

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