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The entire Hanson family is watching Mike play football on TV. The commentators note how he plays differently as he strives for the championship ring.

Mike's old girlfriend Erin's daughter Kiara cares more about football than she does. The other team tackled Mike, and he went down. With his previous injury, this could be bad.

When Erin sees that Mike got hurt again, she's relieved that Kiara only plays flag football, but Kiara hates that boys don't think she's as good.

Mike has multiple rib fractures, so the doctor refuses to let him play for at least six to eight weeks. Mike tries to convince them he can but winces at an easy pass.

Mike's brother Jimmy is horrified at the mean tweets Mike receives and convinces his brother to rest at their place.

Kiara's coach never lets her play but refuses to let her switch to the all-girls flag football team. Erin intervenes, and he admits he only formed the group for his son.

Erin talks to Jimmy, who formed the girls' team when his daughter Zoey had similar issues. He's happy to have Kiara join them, but then Mike joins them.

He can tell they know each other and wonders if she's the one who broke his brother's heart. Awkward!

Mike and Erin attempt to avoid each other at practice, but Mike is curious about Erin. Erin was convinced they never would have worked, but Mike insists Erin doesn't know him or his dreams.

Even though it was awkward, Erin and Kiara joined the team for pizza. Mike observes that Kiara seemed like a great kid.

The next day, Mike's family and Erin's best friend, Georgina, pester them for details. Both insist they kept the conversation light, and Erin maintains she didn't break his heart.

An annoying flag football mom, Christina, is in charge of fundraising. Danielle offers to get Mike involved, and Erin admits she can talk to him. After the meeting, the two ladies meet. Danielle's matchmaking skills start forming, and she invites Erin and Kiara over for a bonfire.

Jimmy and his dad don't get the hint that Danielle wants to leave Erin and Mike alone. When Mike falls, trying to put more wood on the fire, Erin helps him back into his chair. They discuss what it feels like not to be in control of your life.

He's afraid that getting injured again will cost him his career, but when they attempt to discuss their old relationship, there is still a lot of old hurt. She thinks they should avoid each other.

That won't be possible since when they return inside, they learn that Jimmy needs to help coach the high school football team, so he asks Mike to take over the flag football team. Danielle says she and Erin will help him. Erin agrees they're adults and can help the girls.

Erin reminds the girls at practice that Mike has to demonstrate new moves slowly, but he's so good with them. Kiara awkwardly invites Mike to their house for dinner, but Erin gets more comfortable with him after watching him teach Kiara about teamwork.

After dinner, Mike and Erin throw passes on the lawn, and he realizes he doesn't want to leave. While Mike worries that the Whalers are managing without him, he also likes how his life is now. This upsets Erin, and she keeps commenting about it all being for nothing.

When they kiss, his family watches from the window. Helping to move things along, Danielle offers a sleepover for the girls at her house when Mike asks Erin on a date. They still had moves when they went country line dancing.

They even got Kiara's stamp of approval, who was more laidback about her mom dating again.

Kiara freaks out when she learns they're playing her former team. Erin wants to step in, but Mike's mom, Gertie, convinces her not to. Mike helped Kiara to visualize the plays and bolstered her self-esteem.

Their team crushed the boys' team, and Erin thanked Mike for helping Kiara to believe in herself. Mike's manager, Richard, stops by, and Erin takes off.

Everything seems too good to be true as Erin sells more houses, and Mike and Jimmy are crushing it at coaching.

Erin thanks him for making such a difference in their lives, and he shares he's not in pain anymore and may be able to return to football in two weeks. They begin making out on the football field. She's still hesitant about losing what they have.

The girls are down by one point, and Mike must decide whether they tie it up or win and go to the championships. He leaves it to the girls, and they try a new play. They lose because a tall kid from the other team catches it. He's over six feet, and everyone wonders if he lied about his age.

Mike gives the girls a pep talk and says how proud he is. They want him to help them go all the way next season.

At the fundraiser, Gertie tells Erin how important it is for more girls to play football. Suddenly, they learn another kid on the other team lied about his age, so the girls are back in the championships.

Richard reappears as Mike is prepping the girls, saying they need to leave and that Mike starts again tomorrow. Mike refuses, saying the girls are counting on him.

When Mike leaves, Richard blames Erin, saying Mike loses focus whenever he's around him and she better fix it again. She counters that they're stronger again.

Erin felt threatened, though, and tells Mike he should focus on football. He's hurt until he realizes Richard got to her, and he did 20 years ago, too. Mike tries to call everyone, but Erin isn't ready to talk to him.

When Mike returns to Whaler's, he tells everyone he's staying there and not being traded. He sees Erin in the stands, and they reunite. She's finally ready to try love again.







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Hallmark Channel Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Jimmy: You’re that Erin? The one that broke my brother’s heart?
Erin: Pretty sure I didn’t break his heart, so probably not that Erin.
Mike: She did. I’m going to watch practice from over there.

Kiara: I want to be on that team.
Coach: Are you asking to be traded?
Kiara: Yes.
Coach: This isn’t pro football, Kiara. You don’t just switch teams. The roster is the roster.