Counselor: The idea is to get back to what made you fall in love in the first place.
Enrique: I would like that.
Rebecca: I would like that, too

Enrique: Honey, that’s not fair. Mom didn’t choose to get a dog.
Sam: Well, we didn’t choose to live in separate homes.
Izzy: You said it was only going to be a couple of weeks. Now it’s almost Christmas, the best time of year. You’re making it the worst time of year.

Camilla: How am I going to find an elf?
Maria: I don’t know. I told you it was going to be hard.

Izzy: Are Mommy and Daddy broken?
Sam: Are they ever going to be fixed?
Camilla: Are you forgetting what time of the year it is? It’s Christmas. Amazing things happen at Christmas.

Rebecca: To getting through it, reseting, and finding a positive path forward.
Enrique: And to our new addition, Noel.

Mike: You think I ever forgot about you?
Erin: Well, you seemed to move on pretty quickly.
Mke: I didn’t have much choice. You wouldn’t even talk to me. You just disappeared from my life.

Getting hurt once is bad luck. Getting hurt again, and so soon when they start talking if I should come back at all.


Erin: All you need to focus on is healing.
Mike: Kind of hard to do when I’m thinking about you.
Erin: Don’t say that.
Mike: Why not?
Erin: Because if you don’t finish what you started, this was all for nothing.

Erin: We were never going to work out. Look at you. Look at your life. You’re living the dream, right?
Mike: You don’t know anything about my life or my dreams. If you did…

Kiara: I want to be on that team.
Coach: Are you asking to be traded?
Kiara: Yes.
Coach: This isn’t pro football, Kiara. You don’t just switch teams. The roster is the roster.

Mike: She seems like a great kid.
Erin: She is. She’s my whole heart.
Mike: Not room for anything else?
Erin: Kind of like you and football?
Mike: Is that all you think I care about?

Erin: It’ll be like none of this ever happened.
Mike: Don’t say that. It did happen. It is happening. It doesn’t have to end.
Erin: I just don’t want to get in your way.

Hallmark Channel Quotes

Michelle: Why do they think you could write well about weddings? You are allergic to the subject.
Trish: I think they can be a little too commercial sometimes.
June: It is a little odd.
Laurel: Remember when you said marriage was the only time you needed a license to go to prison?
Trish: Did I say that?

Sean: Why don’t we cut Trish some slack, Michelle? She’s overwhelmed with bridesmaid duties.
Michelle: Did my sensitivity chip go offline?