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On the season finale of Halt and Catch Fire...

The Giant is set to be on shelves in March 1984.

Gordon and Joe are given the charge of leading the computer program.

After a glitch with some of the computers, Joe attempts to recruit the progmrammers to add a special app.

The programmers leave to join Cameron's new company, Mutiny.

Joe pleads to Cameron to take him back, but she refuses.

Gordon shaves his beard and prepares to send the Giant computers out, while Joe burns the first truck before walking away.

Joe prepares to go to the Fiske observatory.

Gordon is left asking what's next.

After a carjacking puts things into persepctive for Donna, and after quitting her Texas Intrusments job, she joins Cameron at Mutiny.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Donna: What’s the idea?
Cameron: Connecting people.

Just a sad little boy, with a lot of wasted potential.