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Gordon built a ham radio and is trying to find someone, anyone to talk to. Radio silence.

Donna wants him to come with her to a meeting at work, and he wonders if it's just because he's not a self starter. He promises he can be. She promises she just wants him there because she trusts his opinion.

Ryan is at a party at Joe's place. Ryan says his place is so very...Asian. Overall, he's a pretty strange kid.

Joe wonders what Ryan thinks he's looking for. Ryan thinks Joe has something in mind. It's clear he doesn't. Or does he? Joe is as enigmatic as ever.

Ryan and Cameron speak. She's trying to talk him out of it. She wants to give him a pass, to come back and be a part of something real. Even Donna, the nicest person on the planet, doesn't talk to Joe anymore. She says he's making the biggest mistake on the planet and walks out.

An argument ensues between Gordon and the owners of Mutiny when they want to tender an offer for Swap Meet by having John deliver it. Gordon thinks it's a terrible idea. He also thinks not bringing Tom back is a terrible idea.

Gordon goes ballistic when he thinks she's talking about his one night affair and she thinks she's talking about something that will spare Cameron's feelings. 

When Gordon gets home, there is a voice on his radio. Finally.

Donna meets Diane for lunch. She thinks sending John as their "advance man" to Swap Meet is about as good an idea as Gordon did.

Gordon is using his ham radio friend as therapy. Cameron comes home in the meantime to tell him living like they do isn't ideal for her, either.

Donna delivers the offer to John, who then gives her some commiseration about Gordon. 

Unfortunately, Donna didn't seem to get the message about Swap Meet from Diane.

Ryan is at Joe's office. He has no idea what to do. He's doing nothing. Joe asks him to come to a meeting. Right now. 

Diane shows up at the offer meeting. She notices the place is quiet and the parking lot empty. She'd like a tour, which takes the fellows by surprise. They say they pulled a pretty epic all nighter last night and they're kind of down to bare bones. 

It seems highly unlikely that's what's happening.

Joe has invited Ryan to a board meeting. Matthew Lilard is on the board. Joe puts Ryan on the spot. When does he think they should start charging? They expect to love about 40-50% of their user base. Ryan still can't believe they're charging for something that was supposed to be free.

Joe tosses out $14.95. Ryan just agrees with everything Joe says. Meanwhile, Joe's face is on the front of a magazine cover with the headline...Free?

He says he stopped caring what people thought a long time ago, but it's not true.

Diane and John do great work at the Swap Meeting. John saves her $250k. She seems shocked, but after seeing that office, it certainly wasn't worth $600k.

Ryan tells Joe he just went along with everyone else in the meeting even though it wasn't what he thought. Handy, that.

Joe's doing some coding and then goes to a class. He's covered up in a hat and such, but the class is being held by Cameron.

They meet outside afterward. She tries to turn away. "What, no kiss this time?"

He really wants to say thank you. How could he have risen from the ashes if she hadn't burned it all down.

She accuses him of stealing Ryan. He scoffs at that. It's funny, because he doesn't want Ryan for the same reasons she did. 

Cameron laughs at him when he says he's a student. He's taking coding classes because he was tired of being told he was nothing but a salesman who couldn't code. She walks away saying she isn't buying it. He says she doesn't have to buy it. Hasn't she heard? He's giving it away for free.

When Cameron says they don't need a new coder because she can do it, Gordon can't keep his mouth shut. He says they're waiting on her ass all the time already. She says she only does foundational work. He says she thinks everything is foundational work and this little family continues to squabble.

Over at Joe's, he asks Ryan to pack up. He'll be working from Joe's house from now on. They need a new income stream if they're going to keep 2.0 free. Knew it!

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Ryan: You sure do have a lot of friends, huh?
Joe: I don't call these people my friends. Most of these people don't even know whose house they're in.

CQ CQ...for shit's sake! Is anybody out there?