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Gordon isn't feeling well. He's eating a burrito and coffee at the office and downing pills. He's also eating a pastry. He notes in his book he has nausea and no appetite.

Cameron is arguing with Swap Meet dude Doug who is thinks it's ludicrous she wants to rewrite their code. She's unwilling to move. At all.

Diane shows up in the middle of the fight. John is in Donna's office. Diane asks Donna how it's going with the shop meet guys. Donna uses the not-so-sure lilt to her voice. Diane isn't pleased they aren't sharing.

Diane has a plus one for a charity benefit. She wants to take John Bosworth.

The new guys from Swap Meet literally come to blows over C++, and some girl takes a wild swing and cracks Gordon right in the side of his head!

Donna and Cameron are looking at a house, but Cameron won't even come into take a look. She doesn't like the guys from Swap Meet. She's angry they want to transfer everything into C++.

Joe and Ryan are talking about MacMillan Utility. Spitballing, throwing out ideas. Joe asks Ryan to shut up. He lasts 10 seconds. Joe erases the board.

Doug wants to talk to Cameron. She's rude, as usual, and then he wonders how she became a man-hating bitch.

Cameron gets a call from Len. They're selling the house and moving to Miami. Can she come and get the stuff that was her dad's?

Out in the office, Doug screams that he's leaving. After the call, Cameron goes out and talks to the young kid. He explains the sale of of Swap Meet to Cameron in terms she can understand.

Boz is the star of the show at the charity dinner. Diane appears to love it. Joe is there and whispers a hello to Diane.

Diane tries to talk with John about she feels for her life, her husband, but John is feeling messed up after his conversation with Joe.

As for Joe, the board member who chatted him up about the kid, Topher, who did coke at his place and smashed the dude's Ferrari. They want to blame Joe.

The guy starts talking about his son finding his way, maybe he'll still do it, mentioning the funny flu for faggots. Joe cracks, taking the guy by the neck. He feels sorry for his wife, etc.

Cameron decides she thinks they should fire the guys. This after she asks the cute one if he would ever consider a solo venture and he says yes. She's terrible.

Gordon takes the guys out for a game of laser tag. They need to stay alive and have each others backs. So far, it's not happening yet, and the female starts killing her own teammates.

I didn't get the point of that. AT ALL. Cameron doesn't show up for the dinner.

Donna consistently using the "she's my partner" excuse for Cameron is getting old. Cam has massive mental issues, and needs to address them.

The guys try to get Boz to play the next round of laser tag, but he doesn't want to, and by that he means no fuckin' way. He's terribly angry and upset about a lot of things he's keeping bottled inside.

Cameron fell asleep on her desk. Because she's overworked. Donna decides to lie to Cameron, using Diane as an excuse to make a decision. I don't like it.

Were we told about Cameron's father's death because she's arrested in her development at age 9?

Joe and Ryan are thinking about modifying the arpanet.

When Donna gets home, Gordon and Cameron are playing video games. Donna is hovering in the kitchen and tells Cameron she can stay as long as she wants to.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Donna: Oh. OK. But nobody calls him John.
Diane: I do.

Cameron: But I don't need the object-oriented code. I can keep track of the looping in my head.
Doug: Oh, I get it. You're that good?
Cameron: Yeah. Aren't you?