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December 19, 1986

Mr. MacMillan. We need to ask you a few questions.

Four months earlier...

Ryan's house is overrun by FBI agents. One puts a packet sniffer into his computer. He says it's Ryan's worst enemy. He was told not to leave the house, but he's going to get a bite to eat.

What was that thing they were shoving into the phone jack??

Ryan is freaked.

Joe is wishing a couple of agents a good morning when Gordon walks in. What the hell? They were looking for Ryan. He did a stupid thing. He released the source code online...Gordon freaks. There is a lot of freaking going on.

Donna, Diane and Boz are going over their "road show" for the IPO. Boz doesn't think much of Donna's prepared words and thinks they should just read the prospectus if she's going to sound like that.

Cam is gone from the company, but Boz felt the vote was under duress.

Unemployed Cam turns on the $25,000 Pyramid, but she's more enamored with a hornet that leads to a very active next on her porch. It's hard to believe they missed that until now.

Ryan made a call to the person who signed the contract for the network spilling his guts about Joe and Gordon. The contract is now frozen. Gordon doesn't understand how Ryan knows so many details. He's probably reading their emails, after all, he built the network.

Cam is doing Halloween when a tall child dressed as Joe MacMillan shows up at her door. He needs Cam's help to find Ryan. They talk about being ousted, unemployed CEOs. Joe sees Cam's sapped hornets nest and they find themselves zapped by the moment.

December 18, 1986

Joe's spending Christmas at Gordon's. Or at least a day near Christmas.

Joe tells Gordon to move ahead with NSFNET without him. He shouldn't be held back. Gordon says he can't. He's sick. Then he tries to skirt the issue for a while. Joe is alarmed and concerned and refuses to let Gordon move until they talk.

Cam finds Ryan. He's sleeping on a university couch. He's been on the run. It's hard to tell if he's being paranoid or being realistic about it.

It's the eve of the IPO. They say it's going to open at $15.

Gordon found a new, reliable and flexible babysitter. Joe.

Tom is doing very well at his job. They want to move him up, all the way to Tokyo. She thinks it's wonderful.

Joe arrives home to Ryan in the living room. Ryan doesn't understand that he messed things up by releasing the code.

Joe believes there are two options. Run or own up to what he did. If he runs, the network they created goes with him. If he turns himself in, then Joe's lawyer believes it will be two years, and then three when he has no computer access afterward.

Ryan wants to know they can work together if he turns himself in. They can't. Joe gets some sheets to make up the sofa.

Donna is getting her breakfast served in her suite. Diane joins her in the room. It's time. They're going on TV right from Donna's room.

Gordon is dragging the kids downstairs to watch on TV.

Donna doesn't take the credit for founding Mutiny, but gives it directly to Cameron. The newscaster questioning Donna is a bit of a ditz.

Mutiny is a bust. The IPO opens at less than expected and drops from there.

Donna starts to have a full on panic attack.

Joe wakes up to knocking. The sheets are folded up on the couch. It's the FBI. Was Ryan Ray in his apartment last night? Yes, but he's gone know. He doesn't know where he was. Joe turns around to see his balcony door open.

Ryan wrote a missive online, confessing he was the one who released the code and Joe was innocent. Joe cannot profit from this. Gordon wants to wait for Joe. Joe is gutted.

Halt and Catch Fire
Episode Number:

Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Cam: Are you going to turn him in?
Joe: No. I'm worried about him. He's running out of options.

Gordon: Look me in the eye and tell me you had nothing to do with the leak.
Joe: I had nothing to do with it.
Gordon: Alright. Then I'm all in. We'll figure this out. Together.