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Cameron has no furniture at all, but she's trying to find the perfect place for a plant before Tom arrives. When he gets there, he carries her across the threshold.

Just as Ryan gets into NSFNET, Joe calls. He's out of MacMillan utility. He says Ryan will be fired the next day, but he needs to go in like nothing has happened.

Gordon gets a VHS that his lawyer wants to watch with him on the phone. He thinks it's worth at least $25 million. Donna and Gordon go to work as usual, as Gordon doesn't share the news.

Donna uses her swap meet avatar to break the ice with Cameron. They should celebrate. This is silly. Since Tom is here, how about tonight?

Joe is surprised Ryan wasn't fired. And it's probably best they don't see or talk to each other until this is all over. Ryan is the weak link in all this. They know they can get to Joe through Ryan.

At dinner, Tom is telling the story of their new life. Gordon isn't listening at all. He's getting plastered.

Tom isn't going to work at Mutiny, because it's what killed their relationship last time. Even though lots of couples do it, it's just not for them.

Boz is at Diane's house, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He tells her about his past, his ex-wife, his stint in prison. She tells him she knows all about it. She knows all about all the key players. He crosses the threshold.

Donna and Cameron chat in the bathroom. Cam has a hard time trusting Donna. Donna says that's probably because she lied to her. Cam says she wants to. For some reason, in that moment, Donna says she's ready to take the company public. And Cam isn't opposed to it. She has a big imagination. Donna's counting on it.

The next day Cameron and Donna are on completely different pages again. What Cameron thinks needs to be done for the company will take one to two years, but Donna thinks the IPO window is three months.

Joe is on the phone talking about an unfavorable article coming out about him. Gordon knocks at the door. They have the talk about everything I figured out last week, but I was just hoping they'd work together on it, while Joe was hoping Gordon would just give him money as a finder's fee to do what he wants.

Gordon finds the "abstract" Joe has very interesting.

Gordon looks into it at him. He's interested. Meanwhile, Donna walks in with grandiose ideas of steamrolling Cameron.

Ryan gets fired when they realize he has no idea whether Joe and Gordon were working together.

Gordon was in next. He'll take 10% of $25 million if he can have everything Joe started with NSFNET.

Gordon tells Cameron about Donna's plans. It's the end of Mutiny, as far as I can tell. Gordon says he'll side with Donna because she's his wife, so it only leaves Boz to block the takeover.

Ryan doesn't know what to think. Did Joe plan the whole NSFNET thing with Gordon and plan to cut him out? No, but Ryan doesn't believe him.

Boz and Cameron finally air their differences. He won't stop thinking of her as a daughter just because she doesn't think of him as a father.

I think Ryan just fucked up the NSFNET thing online somehow. And then burned the hard drive.

Cameron and Donna have the big fight. Cameron is out of Mutiny.

Gordon and Joe decide to work together.

Joe goes to tell Ryan about the big day ahead. Ryan tells him what he did. He released the code to the public so it's really free, he told the media how Joe was pushed out of his job and all kinds of other stuff. Joe cannot believe it. It was completely illegal. Ryan pats himself on the back saying he covered all his tracks. Nobody is that good, Joe says. Ryan says he is. Joe puts the key he was going to deliver to Ryan back into his pocket and leaves.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Boz: So you think of me as a key player?
Diane [laughs]: Just give me the damn flowers and stop making problems where there aren't any.

Boz: Look. I know full well I should have come in last night.
Diane: I'm listening.
Boz: You know the midas touch? I've got the opposite of that.