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Cameron calls. It's New Year's Eve. She's going to be working a project remotely and wants to talk to Joe. The offices are closed, empty.

Gordon listens in on the phone call. Cameron told Tom what happened and they agreed it would be best if she worked on the browser remotely.

They're waiting for a browser to be uploaded and nothing is happening. A year later, they've only had 69 downloads.

Gordon wants to know why Joe keeps putting himself through this.

AOL wants to acquire their user base. Joe finds another browser called Mosiac. With Cameron's radio silence, they're not even going to get a chance to compete.

Joe and Gordon are camping, discussing their plans. Life is passing them by.

Cameron's game isn't demoing well.

Joe is watching a live video feed of a coffee pot from Cambridge University. Much like me, he finds it fascinating.

Donna must be known as a hardass investor. People treat her like a rockstar, cower at her feet and she floats into a room, listens and defunds groups while they than her profusely on he way out.

The Blue Man Group is the entertainment at Gordon's 40th birthday party. Cameron appears during his big moment and picks up a Zima.

John and Diane sneak up from behind. Gordon wonders when he gets to go out on the boat.

Cameron is inside hanging with Gordon's kids when Joe arrives.

Tom just got promoted to head of development at Sega.

Doll Parts plays while Cameron gets ready to sleep on the couch transposed with Donna's dinner and taking home a new man with whom she has a lot of sex.

Cameron happens to have a copy of her game with her, and when Gordon says the damn game better be good, she offers it to him.

Gordon's doing great. Cameron's friendship with him is as well.

Donna shows up to get their daughter and asks Cameron, "Have you seen Mosiac?"

Their new company name is CalNect.

Cameron delivers to Joe the browser. It's a year too late and was only weeks of work for her, but the 5000 miles between them just wasn't enough. Cameron counters with all of the stress she has been through on her end

Joe suggests if she's talking about her game and how she was funded and staffed and coddled, then yeah, it must have been so hard as he was there alone doing his thing. She wonders if he wants to talk about what they're really trying to say.

Donna dumps another startup demanding a better idea within 24 hours.

Joe's wheels are still spinning. He has a different idea. Not a browser, but a window to the internet. An index. He's still working on it, but...Gordon stops him. When will Joe start focusing on THEIR business?

Joe wonders if Cameron put Joe up to this.

Gordon reassesses his thoughts on whether Cameron is cruel.

While Gordon and Donna are having dinner, Gordon unwittingly gives to Donna an idea she steals for the company she met with the day before. They came back to her with an idea to index magazines, law stuff, and then one of the men brings up the possibility of indexing the internet. He knows how and she gives them the green light.

Joe calls Cameron to apologize. They speak of their relationship as the browser. Even if the browser is done, Joe wants to know her in his life.


Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

This isn't a game you play, it's a game you live.


Gordon: Listen, Joe, you've been down here three years, and it's still just you, an ergonomic chair and 5,000 Post-Its. I'll say it again. You did it. You and Ryan called it. You said the Internet would be the next great public utility. Well, guess what? We did it. We're here. We are Thomas Edison. We built the power company. So why don't you come upstairs and run the power company with me?
Joe: Gordon, nobody remembers the power company.