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The conversation between Joe and Cameron picks up in the same spot. Cam is OK. Tom met someone else and they're in the process of divorce.

They chat about taking baths. Who was the woman?

Joe tries to give the latest American news to Cameron is comforted to be hearing Joe's voice again and falls asleep listening to him talk. Joe continues talking.

Cameron wakes up to find Joe still on the line. He wants to know if she wants her Hawaiian name. Their talk is very sweet.

Donna promotes her assistant for the hard work on Rover. She pulled them off the slush pile and made something from nothing and she's earned it.

The marathon phone call goes on between Cam and Joe. Phone calls like that are so intimate. Joe's phone runs out of battery and he has to pick up his land line.

Cameron was in the Little Miss Flawless 1970 pageant. She was a little pageant girl.

There is a knock at Cam's hotel door. Atari is trying to reach her. She grabs the piece of paper and tosses it into the trash.

Gordon gets to work to find a disaster. Busy signals due to the up all the time plan. Three dozen users have been online for 24 hours.

Gordon puts Hayley to work on Excel after her crying jag. She can make sense of Joe's post its.

John takes a low-cost GPS gadget idea to Donna and she kind of brushes it off.

Now wearing a headset, Joe reads from a book to Cameron who eats apple slices with Nutella.

When they get to the children portion of the conversation, Joe admits he didn't want to have them because his father made him feel small. But when his father died and nobody attended his funeral, he realized his father was the small one and Joe? He could have been different.

Cameron and Tom wanted to have a family once, but Cam wasn't truly on board.

Things at the company are going crazy. There is less bandwidth every second and MCI isn't helping.

But Cameron is about to get bad news of her own when there is a knock on the door. They're delaying her game. Indefinitely.

The new guy at work, Tripp, tries to usurp all of the headway Donna has made at her company. As it's still a gentleman's club, he does a damn good job. Donna does her best to wrangle the situation, but it's unclear how successful she'll be.

Boz is aching to get back into the swing of things. Not to mention he lost money and Diane didn't know about it. The reason Gordon hasn't been on the boat as of yet is because Boz sold it to try to be straight.

Hayley has done something Gordon thinks is awesome.

Joe and Cameron work on her press release.

When Gordon gets the message that MCI is probably starting their own ISP, staring in at Hayley seems to be giving him other ideas.

Cameron and Joe look at the moon, but the only sky Joe can see is the one Cam created for her game.

There is a knock at Cam's door, and after 24 hours on the phone, they're finally in the same location.

Donna has to deliver the news of her demotion to her.

John is the person who takes her place.


Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

This isn't a game you play, it's a game you live.


Gordon: Listen, Joe, you've been down here three years, and it's still just you, an ergonomic chair and 5,000 Post-Its. I'll say it again. You did it. You and Ryan called it. You said the Internet would be the next great public utility. Well, guess what? We did it. We're here. We are Thomas Edison. We built the power company. So why don't you come upstairs and run the power company with me?
Joe: Gordon, nobody remembers the power company.